10 Beautiful Locations To Explore From Murti

10 Beautiful Locations To Explore From Murti

Murti is a quaint river flowing through the scenic Neora Valley National Park and the scenic place near this river is also called as Murti. This location is a popular spot among tourists and is known for its diverse avifauna species, pictorial views, tranquil ambience, and scenic picnic spot. You can also consider staying at the The Firefly Resort known to be one of the best resort in Murti to obtain the breathtaking beauty of this location while staying amidst nature. 

Apart from staying in Murti, you can also explore the other sightseeing locations of Dooars from here. This is because Murti is located in a unique location from where you can discover the major wildlife hotspots of the region and spot some exotic wild animals. You can make this entire experience more comfortable and safe by staying at an affordable and all-inclusive resort with amazing views, spacious rooms, and top-notch facilities.

How To Reach Murti? 

By Air: The nearest airport from Murti is Bagdogra Airport in Siliguri. This airport is well-connected to most of the cities across India and after reaching here, you can hire a car at reasonable rates to reach Murti within 2 hours 17 minutes via NH10 and NH 17. 

By Rail: New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is the most accessible station near Murti and from here you can take a train to the Chalsa Railway Station, which may take you reach 2 hours. After reaching Chalsa, you can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Murti within 15 minutes. 

By Road: The most comfortable and scenic way to reach Murti is by road. You can witness various stunning stopovers on your way where you can spend some relaxing time with your loved ones. From Siliguri, you can book a car from a reputed agency which will help you to reach the location within 2 hours and 17 minutes. 

Best Time To Visit Murti

The most ideal time to visit Dooars is in the winter season because, during this time, you can enjoy pleasant weather which is perfect for sightseeing and adventure activities. Additionally, October to March is also the best time to visit Murti for birdwatchers since during this time, you can spot some exotic bird species on the riverside such as Teal and Brahminy Ducks. 

You must always remember to not schedule your trip to Murti during the rainy season due to the chances of high rainfall. The reserve forest areas near Murti also remain closed at this time and hence, you can’t spot any wild animals. Additionally, you can also visit Murti during summers but the elevated temperatures can be quite uncomfortable for some people. It is recommended that you plan the trip during the Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival which is held between November and December.

Discover The Stunning Locations That You Can Visit From Murti

1.  Gorumara National Park 
Gorumara National Park is one of the scenic wildlife hotspots in Dooars that you must visit while staying at a renowned resort near Murti River. This natural splendour is surrounded by dense flora and fauna, thick forests, and glistering river streams. This protected forest area was regarded as a national park in the year 1949 due to its diversity and large population of endangered one-horned rhinoceros.

To enjoy a memorable wildlife experience in Gorumara, you can indulge in a thrilling jungle safari to the watchtowers and from there you can spot some endangered wild animals. Some of the unique animals that you can spot here are Indian wolves, leopards, barking deer, and Asian elephants.

Distance from Murti: 15 mins 

2.  Bindu 
Bindu is considered the last hamlet in the Dooars which creates a natural border between Bhutan and India. This scenically blessed location is known for its breathtaking views, cardamom plantations, and pictorial landscapes. Bindu is one of the most favourite offbeat destinations among tourists and the road trip towards this location will be packed with scenic stopovers such as Gairibas Diascorrea Plantation and Chapramari Forest. 

During your visit to this hamlet, you must not forget to explore the stunning Bindu Dam which has become a popular viewpoint to witness astonishing vistas of river and daunting hills. You can also trek or hike to the nearby forest trails or tribal villages here to know the unique lifestyle and culture. 

Distance from Murti: 1 hr. 48 mins 

3.  Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary 
If you’re a wildlife enthusiast then you will love exploring the dramatic and dense landscapes of the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Chapramari is known as the extension of Gorumara where you can witness a diverse range of wildlife such as leopards, deer, one-horned rhinos, and Indian bison. 

You can schedule a trip to this wildlife area during winter to spot some exotic avifauna species such as green magpies, scarlet minivets, and Brahminy ducks. Chapramari is also popular for its exciting jeep safari and watchtower visits to discover the dense areas of the forest and spot wild animals in their natural habitat. 

Distance from Murti: 19 mins 

4.  Lataguri 
Lataguri is the entry point to Gorumara which is visited by a large number of tourists every year due to the innumerable options of forest hotels and resorts. It is the most preferred location to stay due to its proximity to the major sightseeing locations and forest areas. If you’re exploring Dooars then you must visit Lataguri which is a haven for wilderness explorers and nature lovers. 

One of the main sightseeing locations that you can explore during your trip is the Nature Interpretation Centre. This spot helps tourists to get a brief idea about the diverse flora and fauna of the region. In the evening, you can also take part in colourful tribal performances and campfires here. 

Distance from Murti: 23 mins 

5.  Chalsa
Chalsa or the Queen of Dooars is a small town in the Jalpaiguri District which is mainly popular for its vibrant Mangalbari Hat. In this hat, you can buy various food items and fresh vegetables sold by the local people. Apart from this, Chalsa has also gained popularity because of its scenic beauty and mesmerizing picnic spots. 

During your trip to this serene town, you can also get some amazing views of the emerald green tea gardens. To indulge in trekking, wildlife exploration, and sightseeing in a soothing ambience, you can schedule a trip to Chalsa during the winter. 

Distance from Murti: 13 mins 

6.  Rocky Island
A newly found corner in Dooars that you must explore from Murti is Rocky Island. This lush valley surrounded by emerald forests and chilled water streams is a heaven for adventure seekers as one can try long treks, angling, camping, and rock climbing here. 

One of the famous trekking trails that starts from Rocky Island is Todey Tangta which offers great views of the lush green Dooars plains and snow-capped Himalayan ranges. The pristine natural beauty and soothing sound of the gushing river will ensure you an unforgettable Dooars vacation.  

Distance from Murti: 48 mins

7.  Jaldhaka 
While staying at our resort in Murti, you can also plan an excursion to Jaldhaka. Jaldhaka is a hidden valley near the Indo-Bhutan border that is surrounded by amazing trekking trails, rivers, ethnic bazaars, and mountain ranges. This is a perfect location to enjoy some relaxing time with your near ones amidst nature. 

One of the most serene places to explore here is the Jaldhaka Hydel Project which is a paradise for birdwatchers. During the winter season, this location is blessed with a diverse population of various migratory birds from Ladakh and Central Asia. 

Distance from Murti: 1 hr. 10 mins 

8.  Suntalekhola
Another offbeat location to visit in Dooars is Suntalekhola which is a quaint village hidden in the foothills of the Great Himalayas. The deciduous forests, pictorial landscapes, lush green tea gardens, and trekking routes is making this location a great tourism hub. 

The Mouchuki Trek is the most popular trail in this location that can enable you to spot diverse flora and fauna. In addition to this, you can also spot some vibrant avifauna species here such as spangled drongo, magpie, pond heron, and black eagle. 

Distance from Murti: 51 mins 

9.  Banarhat 
Another small town that can be visited in Dooars is Banarhat. This scenic town is surrounded by 23 lush green tea gardens which creates a perfect opportunity to get lost in the natural beauty. Apart from nature, this town is also popular for its rich culture where you can witness people from different cultures working together.

The most popular sightseeing attractions that you can visit here are Banarhat Kali Bari and Children Park. You can arrange a tour to Banarhat during Durga Puja to take part in the colourful 2-week-long fair.

Distance from Murti: 51 mins 

10.  Malbazar 
Malbazar is a beautiful location in Dooars where you can witness an abundance of natural beauty, tea gardens, and scenic sightseeing attractions. This place is also based on the major sightseeing locations and adventure activities of Dooars. 

The popular tourist locations that you can visit here are Mal River, Malbazar Park, and Sri Hanuman Mandir. The Hanuman temple here is a beautifully architected religious site which is ideal to spend some quality time with your family and attain inner peace.

Distance from Murti: 25 mins 

After a tiring sightseeing tour to the above-mentioned locations in Dooars, you can get the required rest while staying at our resort in Murti. Staying at The Firefly Resort not only offers a home away from experience but also enables you to refuel yourself so that you get to enjoy all the days of your vacation with full energy. Book your stay now and experience true rejuvenation.

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