Exploring The Best Of Lataguri Wildlife

Exploring The Best Of Lataguri Wildlife


Lataguri is a small, quaint settlement in the lap of Western Dooars, also known as Bengal Dooars. A region full of lush forested surroundings, green hills, river streams, and tea plantations, Lataguri is a significant tourist spot in Dooars. Replete with nature wilderness, this census town is just about 30 km from the Jalpaiguri district.

It’s a hub for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, bounded by Gorumara Forest to the North and East, Neora River to the west, and Moulana more in the south. Finding the best resort in Lataguri out of many is no big task. All ranges of accommodations are up for grabs, such as budget/low-cost, 3-star hotels, premium hotels/resorts.

This easy-to-access destination you can tour alone or in combination, such as exploring Dooars, Lataguri, and a hill station in Northern West Bengal in unison. If you’re planning a Lataguri trip, make it hassle-free by booking budget-friendly package holidays. A holiday itinerary you can choose from pre-made itineraries, or, you can customize a package.

How To Reach Lataguri – Brief Insights

Board a train to NJP/New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, which is some 1hr 30 min from Lataguri by car. Or, you can board a flight connecting with Bagdogra Airport, which is nearly 1hr 50 min from Lataguri by car.

If you book a tour package or car hire assistance from your hotelier or tour operator, a tour representative will ensure your seamless transfer to your dream destination Lataguri, Dooars.

Among by-road options, you can private buses/public buses operated by North Bengal State Transport Corporation between Siliguri City and Lataguri. Car rental service provides provide customers with hassle-free pick-up and transfer to Lataguri.

Wildlife Hotspots In Lataguri – A Gem of Dooars

This reading describes the two wildlife destinations tucked into the region of Lataguri: Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Though Chapramari is a part of Gorumara Forest, it has a separate fanbase. For bird lovers or birdwatching activities, Chapramari is splendid. Stay in a jungle resort Lataguri.

Occupying a picturesque setting in the Mighty Himalayan foothills, Gorumara National Park consists of verdant forests and riverine grassland. There dwell a great number of One-horned Indian rhinos and other iconic wildlife species, such as wild boar, leopard, Asian elephant, sloth bear, Indian wolves, hog deer, barking deer, sambar deer, gaur, chital.

The park was established in the year 1992, a medium-sized park, a dwelling place for some submontane forest birds like scarlet minivet, Great Indian Hornbill, pheasants, spangled drongo, Asian paradise flycatcher, sunbird, woodpeckers. Vegetations of the region revolve around typically Simul, Siris, Teak, Sal, Khair, bamboo grooves, etc.

Chapramari, a continuation of Gorumara Forest, lies near NH31 and some 20 min apart from Gorumara. This small wildlife sanctuary nestles in the Eastern Himalayan foothills. Avail of the best resort in Lataguri close to Chapramari region to feel the utmost authentic forest ambiance.

Hornbill, flinch, bee-eater, large grey-headed fishing eagle, Green magpie, white-breasted kingfisher, black partridge, roller, hill mayna, peafowl, florican, thrush, Indian treepie, etc. are the range of birds you can spot there.

Among wildlife animals, Asian elephants barking deer, leopards, chital, sambar, Indian bison, etc. are popular in Chapramari. Birdwatching, jungle safari, and watchtower visits are widely-enjoyed outdoor activities in this wildlife sanctuary. Several cottages/bungalows/hotels/ are get-at-able near the Gorumara-Chapramari regions. 

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