Lataguri Ensures A Stay Close To Nature

Lataguri Ensures A Stay Close To Nature


Nature has the power to heal your physical and mental entities. And it is believed that nature is the ultimate healer. Being around greenery relieves your stress. So, get yourself a perfect nature retreat in the region of Lataguri in the district of Jalpaiguri.

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, Lataguri, Dooars is the choicest option in North Bengal. Since the northmost part of West Bengal is rich in natural abundance, it receives praise from tourists worldwide. The craze for touring the destination boosts the number of accommodations here. Get yourself a perfect Dooars Lataguri Resort at cost-effective rates.

The spectacular territory of Lataguri in the vicinity of Gorumara National Park makes your holiday adventurous. There is a fair number of forest hotels to stay near Gorumara National Park.  This mid-sized national park occupies several, exquisite wildlife creatures. One-horned Indian Rhinos are the most popular wildlife creatures here.

In this National Park, reside other animals like the Asian elephant, Indian wolves, sloth bear, hog deer, barking deer, leopard, wild boar, python, king cobra, etc. Some stunning submontane jungle birds dwelling in Gorumara involve the Spangled Drongo, woodpeckers, Asian paradise flycatcher, sunbird, Great Indian Hornbill, scarlet minivet, peafowls, Spotted Dove, Large-tailed Nightjar, Green-billed Malkoha, Eurasian Collard-Dove, Rock Pigeon, Indian Cuckoo, et al.

It’s an absolute birdwatchers’ land. And for wildlife lovers, this place is a wonderland. Three to five days are required in order to tour Lataguri and Dooars to explore these natural habitats. The panoramic view of Gorumara National Park from the Jatraprasad Watchtower is incredible at the same time.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is only 19.5 km away from the National Park of Gorumara. In this wildlife sanctuary, you can spot some amazing wildlife creatures such as Indian Bison/Gaur, elephants, barking deer, leopards, wild boars, Chital, spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, Pangolin, etc. You might spot one-horned Indian rhinoceros here as well.

Here bird watchers get another idea of the destination. In Chapramari, there’s a good number of forest birds, such as scarlet minivet, Grey-headed fishing eagles, peafowls, black partridges, roller, green pigeons, flinch, adjacent stork, white-breasted kingfisher, hornbill, hill myna, bee-eater, yellow-footed pigeon, spotted dove, etc. Plan a stay in a Doaars Latatguri resort and make your forest visit adventurous.

Enjoy watchtower visits, jeep safaris, elephant safaris, and tribal/cultural programs you can enjoy in this region. Buxa Tiger Reserve lets you explore Royal Bengal Tiger with other exclusive wildlife creatures like the leopard, Malayan giant squirrel, gaur, Asian elephants, wild buffalo, wild dogs, Mongooses. Monitor lizards, land tortoises, and three variations of Pythons dwell here in Buxa Tiger Reserve.

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