10 Intriguing Things To Do in Lataguri If You Love Adventure And Wildlife

10 Intriguing Things To Do in Lataguri If You Love Adventure And Wildlife

Lataguri is a scenic settlement in Dooars which is known for being close to major wildlife hotspots of the region such as Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are a wildlife and adventure enthusiast and want to explore the best sightseeing attractions of Dooars then staying at a resort in Lataguri is one of the best options. The Firefly Resort is the finest resort in the area which can offer you modern amenities and tour assistance to the nearby attractions. 

Tourists who are willing to spot wild animals can do it while staying at Lataguri since it has been a popular base for wildlife exploration safaris. You can consider planning a tour to Lataguri during the winter months to get the best tour experience with seamless sightseeing trips. Avoid travelling during the rainy season due to heavy rainfall and the closure of protected forest areas. 

Below Are Some Of The Interesting Activities To Try In Lataguri 

1. Trekking 
You can plan an exciting trek from Lataguri to discover the hidden gems of Dooars. You're going to have a whole new experience with this, full of breathtaking scenery and unspoiled beauty. The trekking trails towards Jayanti Mahakal Caves and Rover's Point are the greatest ones that can offer you stunning views of the Bhutan Hills. During the trekking, you can also click some amazing pictures of the surroundings while spotting some vibrant migratory birds. 

2. Fishing 
Fishing is another interesting activity that you can do with your friends and family members. This activity will surely boost your mood and help you connect with nature. Lataguri is surrounded by various freshwater rivers that are perfect fishing spots for tourists. Herein, you can take a fishing rod and spend some quality time near the Murti River to catch some freshwater fish. Some of the fish that you can catch here are Punti, Boroli, Koi, and Shol among others.

3. Jeep Safari 
You may take a thrilling jeep safari through the lush forest parts of Gorumara National Park while staying at the best jungle resort in Dooars. The jeep safaris in Gorumara are conducted twice a day which lasts for 1-2 hours and take you to various watchtowers such as Medla, Chapramari, and Jatraprasad. To enjoy a hassle-free jungle safari, you can reserve a safari slot in advance using the Online Safari Reservations feature on the Website of West Bengal Forest Development Corporation. 

4. Camping 
Another opportunity to spend some tranquil time amidst nature in Lataguri is camping. This adventure activity has gained immense popularity recently, and many tourists are coming to Dooars to enjoy a camping experience under a sky full of stars. Some of the popular camping spots that you can explore while staying in Lataguri are Gorumara Forest, Bichabhanga forest village, and Rocky Island. To make the camping more exciting, you can arrange stargazing, bonfires, night walks, and photography sessions.

5. Elephant Ride 
Another exciting activity in Lataguri that is available to visitors in the remarkable Gorumara forest is an elephant back ride. This amazing activity will offer you a lifetime experience where the forest trip on the back of the elephant will cross the picturesque Murti River and lead you into the deeper and unexplored parts of the forests. Herein, the elephant ride usually begins from Dhupjhora Elephant Camp where the forest guards and tour guides will always accompany you to provide you with knowledge about the local wildlife.

6. Watchtower Visits 
If you want to spot wild animals in their natural habitat then you must schedule a trip to one of the scenic watchtowers in Gorumara Forest. The famous watchtowers here are Medla, Chapramari, Chukchuki, and Jatraprasad watchtower. Each of these watchtowers holds unique beauty which becomes a perfect spot for the photographers to click some amazing clicks of one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, and herds of elephants. You can also spot a diverse birdlife from the watchtowers. 

7. Birdwatching 
Don’t forget to try birdwatching while staying at the finest resort in Lataguri. Lataguri is a birdwatcher's paradise which is surrounded by beautiful bird watching locations that are home to a wide variety of migratory and local bird species. The Chukchuki Birding Point situated inside the Gorumara Forest is the most popular birding point which can be reached with a forest safari. A variety of colourful birds, including pheasants, scarlet minivets, peacocks, Indian hornbills, spangled drongo, and an Asian paradise suncatcher can be spotted from this location. 

8. Tea Tours 
Another entertaining activity that you can incorporate into your Lataguri trip is thrilling tea tours. For all those who enjoy tea, this trip to the well-known Dooars tea estates is a wonderful experience. Some of the popular tea estates that offer comprehensive tea tours include Damdim Tea Estate, Rungamattee, Zurrantee, and Batabari. For an adventurous experience, you can learn the tea manufacturing and plucking processes during the estate exploration and tea-tasting sessions.

9. Exploring Nature Interpretation Centre 
The Gorumara Nature Interpretation Centre is a breathtaking tourist attraction for all wildlife lovers. This spot can offer you diverse knowledge about the flora and fauna of Gorumara National Park. While exploring this place, you can also visit the nearby Deer park to spot various species of Deer. If you’re visiting this place during the evening time then you can also request the management to arrange some tribal song and dance performances.

10. Day Sightseeing Trips  
If you have time on your hands during the Lataguri trip then you can also arrange day trips to the nearby sightseeing attractions. You can hire a private car and enjoy an amazing drive to the tourist spots situated amidst lush greenery and spectacular natural beauty. Bindu, Jhalong, Rocky Island, Murti, and Jaldhaka are some of the popular spots that you can explore during the Lataguri tour. Most of these places are well-known picnic spots where you can also indulge in a thrilling picnicking session with your loved ones. 
Indulging into adventure activities during the holiday can be quite stressful and you can alleviate the tiredness by staying at the best resort in Lataguri. The resorts are equipped with top-notch hospitality services and spacious rooms that can help start each day with energy and enthusiasm. 

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