Embark On A Tranquil Journey By Discovering The Best Resorts In Lataguri

Welcome to the Firefly Resorts, where adventure meets serenity. This resort nestled in the heart of Lataguri is surrounded by dense forests and picturesque Dooars region. In the middle of the breathtaking beauty of nature, our hotel in Dooars Lataguri is a haven where you may lose yourself in unmatched luxury and tranquillity. We provide top-notch amenities and individualized services at Firefly Resorts to make sure your stay is nothing short of spectacular as well as luxurious.

Best Lataguri Hotels To Luxuriate Your Stay

We offer you a natural escape away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Let us be your guide to the undiscovered treasures of Lataguri. No matter whether you're willing to explore the verdant landscapes, go on exhilarating adventures, or just relax in beautiful surroundings, we will always be your guide to offer you a memorable stay. Join us as we explore the allure of this magical place, where fresh opportunities arise at every sunrise and mystical tales are whispered at every sunset.

Lataguri: A Haven For Nature Enthusiasts

Discover the untamed beauty of Lataguri, which is located close to Gorumara National Park. This famous area in Dooars welcomes you to explore pristine wilderness, and dense forests and offers you the opportunity to come across a variety of flora and animals, including majestic Asian elephants and the endangered Indian one-horned rhinoceros. Other than the diverse ecosystem, you can also find some peaceful and beautiful places near Lataguri such as Samsing, Murti and Buxa Forest. Exploring Lataguri is a voyage that you must never miss during your Dooars trip, it will not only help you witness unspoiled landscapes and attain adventurous memories but will also enable you to seek tranquillity for a fresh start.

Enjoy The Ultimate Nature Escape With The Firefly Resort In Lataguri

Best Lataguri Hotels

Welcome to Firefly Resorts & Hotels, a perfect destination for a memorable staycation at the best resort in Lataguri, nestled in the heart of the Dooars. While staying in this all-inclusive resort, you can immerse in the breathtaking natural beauty of the region. The friendly hospitality of the Firefly Resorts, spectacular scenery, lush greenery, and rich wildlife will ensure you a stay that you will remember forever.

The personalized services and high-quality services at our resort in Lataguri will offer you unparalleled comfort as you start exploring the hidden corners of Lataguri, arrange serene nature walks, and indulge in thrilling jungle safaris. Allow the Firefly Resorts to be your ultimate sanctuary, where every moment of your stay is crafted with expertise so that you get to enjoy perfection and collect some lifelong memories.

Exciting Things To Do While Staying At Firefly Resort In Lataguri

Indulge In A Thrilling Jungle Safari
Indulge In A Thrilling Jungle Safari

An exciting jungle safari is available to you throughout your stay at Firefly, the best resort in Lataguri. You can take an exciting elephant or jeep ride to experience nature closely and spot some endangered species in their natural habitat. Some of the animals that you can spot during the safari are bison, elephants, gaur, Indian wild dogs, and Indian one-horned rhinoceros. The morning and evening safaris will enable you to witness the wonders of the jungle while cherishing the abundant wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

Trek Through The Pristine Natural Beauty
Trek Through The Pristine Natural Beauty

If you’re an adventure enthusiast then trekking is one of the most amazing activities to try in the Lataguri region. You can hire a trekking guide here to get a closer look into the vibrant flora and fauna and winding lanes dotted with lush green forests. The trekking also enables you to spot the diverse wildlife, where the experienced trek guides will ensure you a seamless and safe trekking experience. You can trek through the Gorumara Forest, Lepchakha Village, or Neora Valley trek for a memorable experience.

Birdwatching Experience
Birdwatching Experience

Bird lovers are drawn to Lataguri because of the diverse avifauna species that one can spot in Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. You can take a safari to the well-structured watchtowers to spot some regional and migratory bird species. Here, you can admire the sight of Thick-billed Green Pigeons, Sunbirds, Asian Barred Owlets, Dollarbirds, Oriental Pied Hornbills, Cuckoo Dove, Peacocks, black storks, and other vibrant species.

Unwind With Diverse Activities
Unwind With Diverse Activities

If you’re not a fan of adrenaline-pumping adventure activities then also you don’t have to worry while staying at Firefly, one of the luxurious resorts in Lataguri. Our resort enables you to enjoy a wide range of leisure activities for an unforgettable experience. Some of the exclusive activities to enjoy here are an enchanting barbeque night on chilly evenings, indulging tribal performances, friendly games inside the hotel premises, and a cosy bonfire. These activities are a perfect opportunity to create some cherished memories with your loved ones.

Whether you’re a peace seeker or adventure enthusiast, the activities at the Firefly Resorts will always be an ideal hub for an enriching experience.

Experience Top-Notch Luxury At The Firefly Hotel In Lataguri

The Firefly Resorts can be your premiere destination for a memorable stay with unparalleled hospitality amidst the natural beauty of Lataguri. This is one of the premiere resorts in Lataguri which is well-known among guests because of the wide-ranging amenities designed with perfection. The customizable amenities will enable you to enjoy a memorable trip while cherishing the lush green surroundings.

Room Facilities:

Comfortable king-size beds to ensure a sound day after a tiring sightseeing tour.


Self-controllable air conditioning system in every room for a comfortable stay.


Spacious wardrobes for sufficient storage space for your necessities.


State-of-the-art LED TVs for an entertaining experience.


Designated safe lockers to keep all your valuable items.


Complimentary mineral water bottles for your convenience.


Coffee/tea maker and electric kettle to prepare some refreshing hot beverages.


Cosy seating area to relax within your room.


High-speed Wi-Fi access to stay connected with your near ones.


Private balcony to enjoy the serene ambience and look into the natural beauty.


Attached bathroom with top-notch toiletries and 24/7 geyser facilities to freshen your body.


In-room telephones to communicate with the hotel staff.


Complimentary tea for a refreshing start to the day.

Amenities In The Resort Premises:

  • Beautifully infrastructure multi-cuisine restaurant to embark on a unique culinary journey.
  • CCTV surveillance and sanitization protocols to ensure your safety and hygiene.
  • On-site parking facilities for a hassle-free experience.
  • Exclusive playground to let your kids enjoy and relax during the stay.
  • Outdoor swimming pool and fireplace for an unwinding experience.
  • Conference facilities to cater for your event requirements.
  • Top-notch housekeeping services to let you enjoy warm hospitality.
  • Doctor-on-call services to tackle any emergencies.

At the Firefly Resorts, we are dedicated to offering you an exceptional and memorable hotel stay in Lataguri, where every second of your stay will be filled with adventure, comfort, safety, and convenience.

Hidden Gems Of Lataguri: Nearby Tourist Attractions To Explore

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary: A Tranquil Retreat Amidst Nature

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is the extension of Gorumara, which enables you to uncover serene landscapes and a tranquil ambience. While staying at one of the best Lataguri hotels you can visit this major elephant corridor, where you can spot some exotic bird species, wildlife, and dense forests.

Gorumara National Park: A Paradise For Wildlife Lovers

Gorumara is a major wildlife hotspot in Dooars which is just a few minutes away from the Firefly Resorts. This place enables you to witness the rich flora and fauna of the region such as the Asiatic elephant and endangered one-horned rhinoceros.

Jayanti Mahakal Caves: A Mystical Location

Jayanti is an offbeat location near this hotel in Dooars Lataguri which is famous for its spectacular Mahakal Caves. You can indulge in a thrilling trek from Buxa Forest to reach this mystical place dedicated to Lord Shiva. You can also immerse yourself in the spiritual aura here while witnessing the natural beauty.

Buxa Tiger Reserve: A Diverse Wildlife Hotspot

Buxa Tiger Reserve is another major wildlife hotspot which is famous for its large population of regal pythons, Asian elephants, and a wide variety of orchids. Some of the places that you can visit around Buxa are Jayanti, Buxa Fort, Mahakal Caves, and a sacred lake in Pokhari Hills. You can take a permit from the Jayanti Range Office to indulge in a thrilling jungle safari here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the accommodation booking process followed at the Firefly Resort?

Booking a room at the Firefly Resort is extremely easy. You can visit our website to check the rates, availability, and room options and then book an affordable room for a convenient stay in Lataguri.

What makes the Firefly Resort stand out among the other resorts in Lataguri?

The comfortable stays, exclusive amenities, and eco-friendly accommodations with unique features make Firefly Resort stand out from the other resorts.

What safety measures are followed in the Firefly Resort?

We always follow industry standard safety protocols at our resort to ensure you a comfortable and safe stay with us.

What eco-friendly measures are implemented at this resort, which is known for its eco-friendly accommodation?

At the Firefly Resort, we are renowned for our exceptional eco-friendly initiatives which include environmentally conscious accommodations, green initiatives, and sustainable practices.

Are there any options for premium lodging in the Firefly Resort?

Yes, we offer high-quality premium lodging with spacious and beautiful infrastructure suites for an elevated experience.

Are there any special deals or packages for my stay?

You can follow our social media pages or website to stay informed about the latest deals, seasonal packages, and ongoing promotions for a reasonable stay experience.

What places can I visit from the Firefly Resorts?

While staying at our resort, you can explore Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Gorumara National Park, Jayanti, Murti, and other scenic locations in Dooars.

Is the accommodation at the Firefly Resort in Lataguri comfortable?

Absolutely! We always prioritize offering you comfortable accommodation with perfectly curated rooms and exclusive facilities for a remarkable experience.

Can I organize any celebration or event in this resort in Lataguri?

Yes, we offer top-notch conference facilities for your corporate events, weddings, and other special celebrations with grand hosting amenities.

Is the accommodation at Firefly Resort pet-friendly?

Yes, you can enjoy your staycation at the Firefly Resort with your furry pets to attain a cherishing family experience.

Which is the ideal time to visit Lataguri?

The best time to visit Lataguri is between October and March due to the pleasant weather which is perfect for a relaxing sightseeing tour.