Discover The Firefly, the best resort near Murti River, where elegance and serenity meet at the banks of the magnificent Murti River. Our resort, tucked away in the embrace of nature, provides a safe retreat for adventure and leisure lovers. Relax in our spacious and opulent rooms or go on exhilarating outdoor adventures. Experience the magic of the Murti River with The Firefly Resorts individualized service, breathtaking views, and a wide range of top-notch amenities. Make us your first choice for a fantastic getaway amidst the captivating natural beauty. We always prioritize your stay expectations to offer you an unforgettable experience during the vacation with your loved ones.

Best Resorts In Murti

Explore The Charms Of Murti, Dooars

Experience the charms of Murti, a quaint town in West Bengal, India's Dooars region. This charming location is nestled on the calm banks of the Murti River and is home to thriving tea plantations, a variety of wildlife, and beautiful woodlands. Encircled by the well-known Gorumara National Park, tourists can see an abundance of animals in their natural habitat, such as tigers, one-horned rhinoceros, and elephants.

Murti is popular among tourists for producing some of India's best tea, which is why it is celebrated. Murti attracts both thrill-seekers and nature lovers with its alluring sceneries and daring spirit, providing an unmatched experience in the heart of India's natural splendour. To witness the unparalleled beauty and aura of Murti from up close, you can choose to stay at the Firefly Resorts.

Embark On An Unforgettable Journey: Discover The Best Resort Near Murti River

At The Firefly Resort, which is renowned as the best resort in Murti, revel in the height of luxury amidst the spectacular beauty of Murti. With its breathtaking views and tranquil settings, our enchanted location is the perfect place for your next getaway. Nestled in the verdant and lush green forests of Murti, The Firefly Resort promises a memorable experience, whether for a romantic retreat with your loved ones or an action-packed family holiday.

Best Resort Near Murti River

The Firefly Resorts is the top option to discover the tranquility of Dooars as it is regarded as one of the best resorts in Murti. Take in the blissful atmosphere of our beautiful surroundings and allow the gushing sounds of the Murti River to heal your soul. The Firefly Resort is an ideal retreat for anyone looking for comfort in the embrace of nature, whether you want to relax on the poolside, explore the neighbouring forest trails, or just unwind in opulent lodging facilities.

Experience Premium Comfort For An Unforgettable Retreat At Our Murti Resort

Your comfort and happiness are our top priorities at The Firefly Resort in Murti, so you may have a vacation that will last a lifetime. As one of the best resorts in Lataguri, we provide contemporary and latest amenities to ensure your enjoyment, convenience, and security during your stay here.

Our exclusive room features and all-inclusive services that will surely create a long-lasting impression from the moment you arrive at the resort are -




Free Wi-Fi


Safety Locker


AC Availability




Welcome Kit


Bottled Water Delivery






24-Hour Room Service


Wake-Up Call Service

We don't restrict ourselves to these services but also look forward to enhancing your convenience. Our resort facilities always aim to increase our amenities and conveniences to elevate your stay experience.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit In Enchanting Murti

With our in-depth travel guide, set out on an exciting vacation to Murti, India. This picturesque location offers something for everyone, from experiencing exhilarating activities to enjoying the magnificent landscapes you will surely be amazed at the diversity that this location in Dooars holds.

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

Take a thrilling jungle safari in the well-known Gorumara National Park or Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary near Murti to immerse yourself in the heart of nature. Explore the natural habitat of exotic wildlife and avifauna species such as tigers, one-horned rhinoceros, and Asiatic elephants.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching

When you go bird watching in Murti, you can lose yourself in the beautiful symphony of chirping birds. See uncommon bird species among the area's lush vegetation such as green magpie, black stork, Dollarbirds, and oriental pied hornbill.

Cultural Immersion

Engage with the local craftspeople and witness the colourful tribal dance performances to fully immerse yourself in the lively culture of Murti. Learn about the customs, traditions, and way of life of the local indigenous people.

Tea Plantation Tour

Tea Plantation Tour

Take a guided tour of the expansive tea estates from our best resort near Murti River to learn more about the rich history of tea cultivation in the Dooars area such as Zurrantee Tea Estate and Batabari Tea Estate. Discover how to make tea and enjoy the rich aroma of a freshly brewed cup of tea.

River Picnic

River Picnic

Savour a leisurely picnic with your loved ones in the peaceful, picturesque surroundings of the Murti River. In the breathtaking scenery of nature, unwind, relax, and make treasured memories for a remarkable vacation. For more tips on enhancing your riverside experience, check out our blog on riverside camping in Murti.



Pull on your hiking boots and set out on a stroll through the verdant woodlands around Murti. Along the trip, come across undiscovered paths, gushing waterfalls, and expansive views.

You can collect some unforgettable memories here while indulging in these adventure activities at Murti, Dooars. You can discover even more fun and exciting activities while staying at the Firefly Resorts.

Exclusive Amenities At Our Resort Premises -


Ensured hygiene and safety with our sanitization protocols and CCTV surveillance.


Beautifully decorated multi-cuisine restaurant with diverse food options to embark on a culinary journey.


On-site parking options for a seamless vacation experience.


Outdoor fireplace and clean swimming pool for a unique experience.


Stunning playground to relax and let your kids enjoy the vacation as well.


A warm hospitality offered by our experienced staff and housekeeping services.


Spacious conference rooms to arrange a convenient event.


Doctor-on-call services to handle your medical emergencies.

At the Firefly Resorts, we always prioritize providing you with a memorable vacation experience with a comfortable hotel stay near Murti River. We assure you that every second of your vacation will be filled with convenience, comfort, adventure, and safety here.

Why Choose The Firefly Resort For Your Murti Getaway?

Experience something truly unique at The Firefly Resort, which provides a wide range of lodging options in Murti at budget-friendly prices and with special offers. Based on their interests and budget, travellers may easily choose the perfect lodging with our cleverly created website. To enable travellers to make well-informed booking selections, we offer thorough information about each of our properties, including features, top locations, and reviews from previous guests.

In addition, our committed customer support team is on hand around the clock to guarantee a smooth and stress-free reservation process for your stay at The Firefly Resort. Discover unparalleled elegance and comfort at the finest resort in Murti, which is ideally situated close to the magnificent Murti River. You can select one of our double or quad-bed deluxe rooms to enjoy a blissful vacation amidst beautiful decoration, space, amenities, and spectacular views of the lush green forests.

Expert Tips for Travellers Visiting Murti, India With The Firefly Resort

Are you planning a trip to Murti, Dooars? Explore some of the important tips that you can follow to enhance your stay at the Firefly Resorts -

Carry valid ID proof : You must always carry a valid ID proof and other travel documents with you to ensure a smooth check-in process at the Firefly Resort near Murti.

Pack Comfortably : While staying at our resort near Murti River, be sure to try some adventure activities such as trekking and birdwatching. This is why it is essential for you to pack comfortable clothes.

Bring insect repellent : Murti is surrounded by diverse wildlife and dense forest. You must always carry insect repellent with you to protect yourselves from poisonous insect bites.

Carry Insect Repellent : Since Murti is surrounded by forests and wildlife, it's essential to carry insect repellent to protect yourself from insect bites.

Book in Advance: If you’re visiting Murti in peak seasons, then it is always a better idea to book a room in advance at the Firefly Resorts to avoid last-minute booking problems.

Carry a camera : To capture the stunning views, landscapes, and wildlife around the resort, you must not forget to carry a camera.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Dooars and experience the unique charm of Murti by staying at the Firefly Resorts. Our top-notch accommodations and services will ensure you a rejuvenating and convenient experience with adventure-packed excursions and relaxing sightseeing tours.

Savour The Culinary Delights Of Murti: An Epicurean's Handbooks

Take your taste buds on a gastronomic tour in Murti and delight in a symphony of flavours. Start your culinary adventure with the well-known local tea, which has a remarkable flavour and scent. Explore the diverse culinary offerings of the area and savour traditional dishes like chowmein, thukpa, and momos, which are all flavoured with enticing combinations of spices.

If you're in the mood for something sweet, indulge in classic desserts like rasgulla, Sandesh, and mishti doi—loved treats that perfectly capture West Bengal's culinary heritage. The multi-cuisine restaurant in our resort in Murti offers various cuisines to ensure you a comfortable vacation, where you can select a dish based on your taste buds and mood.

Book Your Stay At The Firefly Resort, The Premier Resort In Murti

Are you prepared to lose yourself in Murti's alluring beauty? Get in touch with us right now to reserve your spot at The Firefly Resort and start planning the trip of your dreams while staying at our resort near Murti River. Our resort provides the right backdrop for your vacation, whether you're looking for action, relaxation, or the perfect combination of the two. The Firefly Resort offers a completely new perspective on Murti.

In the centre of Dooars, we redefine luxury with our unrivalled location, sumptuous suites, and a wide array of services. Make your reservation with us right now by calling +91 6294387979 / +91 85096 83223, and we'll assist you in making lifelong memories with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any family-friendly activities available at the Firefly Resort?

Yes, we have various family-friendly activities at our resort such as outdoor games, nature walks, and playgrounds for children.

What safety measures are followed by the resort?

We have implemented an effective safety protocol in our resort which involves temperature checks, regular cleaning and sanitization of the public areas, and housekeeping services.

Does the resort provide transportation options for sightseeing tours?

Yes, we can arrange comfortable and affordable transportation for sightseeing tours. Please feel free to contact our front desk to learn more about the transportation facilities.

Why should I choose the Firefly Resorts for a tranquil family vacation near Murti River?

The Firefly Resorts is a perfect choice for a family vacation as we have specialized amenities for all ages starting from warm hospitality, spacious rooms, and playgrounds.

Do you have any special honeymoon packages for couples?

Yes, we have special packages for couples where you can also include romantic add-ons to celebrate special occasions with your loved ones.

Can the resort arrange special events or activities during our stay?

Yes, we have spacious conference rooms where you can arrange any special events including themed dinners and corporate parties.

What is the cancellation policy followed by the resort for reservations?

Our cancellation policy depends on the time of the cancellation and the type of reservation you have made. You can contact our reservation team to get further details about it.

What eco-friendly initiatives are adopted by Firefly Resorts?

At the Firefly Resorts, we always focus on environmental conservation and sustainability. Our eco-friendly initiatives include waste management practices, solar energy, and water conservation measures.

Are there nearby tourist spots that the guests can explore during their stay?

Definitely, you can explore various tourist attractions from the resort such as Chapramari, Gorumara National Park, Rocky Island, and Samsing.