Riverside Camping In Murti: Top Safety Tips To Follow

Riverside Camping In Murti: Top Safety Tips To Follow

Murti is one of the most popular river valleys in Dooars with scenic landscapes and natural beauty. This lush green valley is situated on the banks of River Murti which has been flowing down from the Neora Valley National Park. Murti is not only a popular spot for picnicking and birdwatching but you can also enjoy a thrilling camping experience here. You can stay at The Firefly Resort known as one of the best resort in Murti to arrange comfortable camping under a sky full of stars. 

Camping near the Murti River enables you to capture the true beauty of Dooars and have a tranquil holiday amidst nature. Camping can be considered one of the best adventure activities that can keep us connected with nature while offering us the opportunity to look into the diverse flora and fauna of the region closely.

Benefits Of Arranging A Riverside Camping Near Murti 

Riverside camping has some amazing benefits that will surely encourage you to go camping with your near ones soon. One of the main benefits is the free access to clean water which you can use for cooking or drinking purposes. Apart from this, you can also have endless fun while camping while acknowledging the breathtaking views. 

Additionally, the calming sound of the flowing water will contribute to help you sleep peacefully after an adventurous day of sightseeing. If you’re looking for serenity during the holiday then camping can be the best option as it will offer you privacy where you can enjoy your own company without the interference of other people. 

Safety Tips You Must Follow For A Comfortable Camping Experience  

1. Choose The Right Site
Different types of camping are available which you can select based on your requirements. It is highly essential for you to select the right site and type of camping while considering your medical needs, age, and physical limitations. 

If you have any health issues then it is recommended to select a camping site where you get to contact other tent campers in case of any emergency. Otherwise, you can stay in a separate tent with sleeping bags for a more peaceful and immersive experience. 

2. Always Carry Insect Repellent
Places near the Murti River are surrounded with dense forests which also increase the risk of getting bitten by poisonous insects. This is why it is always advisable to carry insect repellent while camping. 

These repellents will protect you from ticks, mosquitos, and other insects while sitting on the grounds, hiking, or outdoor activities. You can also consider wearing long pants and long-sleeved clothes to stop any direct contact with the insects. 

3. Pack Sufficient Food and Water
If you’re camping in a dry season then there may not be sufficient water in the Murti River. Herein, it is advised to carry a sufficient amount of water for drinking, cleaning, or cooking purposes. 

You must also be aware that drinking from any source of water can increase the chances of contamination and infections so it is always a better option to carry clean water with you. Additionally, you must also carry dry or ready-to-eat foods to satisfy your hunger. You must always remember to carry the food air tight containers to keep any bugs or insects away from it.

4. Be Aware of The Wildlife 
Murti River is situated close to the major wildlife hotspots of Dooars such as Chapramari and Gorumara National Park. Many wild animals such as elephants and bison also come to the river to drink water.

This is why you must always be aware of the wildlife while setting up your tent. Maintaining a safe distance from the river body and forest areas can help you maintain distance from the wildlife. 

5. Stay Updated About The Weather 
If any unexpected weather conditions happen such as heavy rainfall then it is always a better option to drop the idea of camping and stay at a resort near Murti River

To avoid such a change of plans, you always need to stay updated about the weather. Any chances of rainfall and increased humidity can spoil your plan of camping so it is always a better idea to not plan it during monsoon or summer season.

6. Carry a First Aid Equipment 
Riverside camping sites are often situated away from the public amenities so it won’t be possible for you to reach a hospital immediately if you have an injury. This is the main reason why you must not forget to carry a first aid kit to offer primary care. 

Some of the things that you must carry in the first aid box are essential medications, antiseptic cream, bandages, disinfectant sprays, tweezers, dressing, and hand sanitizer. 

7. Practice Campfires Safely 
One of the most important safety tips that you must follow is to practice campfire securely. While lighting a fire, it must be a designated or contained area away from the trees, tent walls, and shrubs. 

This will stop the fire from spreading to other areas while harming you and the surrounding environment. It is always recommended to keep a bucket of water nearby in case of any emergencies. 

8. Maintain Water Safety 
While camping on the banks of the river, the water will always attract you but you must always ensure to maintain proper water safety. Before indulging in swimming or other water activities, you must not forget to check the strong currents, depth, and underwater hazards.

If the water levels are quite high and you are not a pro in swimming then it is recommended to always carry life jackets with you while swimming.  

To get the best local guidance about the ideal camping sites, you can first consider staying at our resort in Murti. This will help you to save the time of researching the camping destination where you can also get proper tour assistance for a perfect camping experience on your weekends or holidays. 

Common FAQ Questions:

1. Which is the nearest station to the Murti River?
If you want to reach Murti River by train then the nearest railway station is Chalsa. There are some trains running from NJP station in Siliguri that have stoppages in this station but most of the trains don’t stop here. So if you want a more convenient station nearby then you can reach the Malbazar Railway Station. The distance between Murti from Chalsa is around 15 mins whereas from Malbazar it is approx. 24 minutes. After reaching the railway station, you can easily hire a taxi to reach your campsite site comfortably. 

2. Which state is the Murti River in?
The Murti River is situated in the Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal. The main origin of this river is from the mountain areas of the scenic Neora Valley National Park. Then it flows through the major areas of the Dooars region making it an important water source for the wild animals and migratory birds. 

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