10 Amazing Tourist Places To Visit In Lataguri

10 Amazing Tourist Places To Visit In Lataguri

Dooars is a favourite holiday destination among adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. This region is blessed with various wildlife sanctuaries and mesmerizing locations which will surely make your trip unforgettable. One such location of Dooars that is worth visiting is Lataguri. This is a quiet settlement with various serene river streams and diverse flora and fauna. You can book one of the best resorts in Lataguri to make your Dooars trip more comfortable. 

Lataguri is situated at a unique location and booking a room in a reputed resort here enables you to explore many popular wildlife hotspots of Dooars. There is a wide collection of affordable accommodation options from where you can embark on an adventurous journey and soak into the serenity of the lush green forests.

Best Time To Visit Lataguri 

Lataguri has a tropical climate and the best time to explore this location is when there is a low chance of rainfall. The winter months starting from December to February can be considered the ideal time to plan a trip to Lataguri. During this season, the skies are clearer and the weather is cool which makes it perfect for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. 

Travelling to Lataguri in the summer season can also be possible but the high temperature can make it difficult to explore the tourist places. However, you must always avoid travelling to this location during the rainy season. This is because of the heavy downpours and closure of the major wildlife hotspots.

Must-Visit Places To Discover In Lataguri 

1. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary
Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular tourist spots in Lataguri. This sanctuary is situated at a distance of 25.8 km from Lataguri which makes it a great location for adventure activities and wildlife exploration. The lush green landscapes at this location with a perfect backdrop of Himalayan peaks and Mount Kanchenjunga look totally magnificent. 

Apart from natural beauty, Chapramari is also well-known for its diverse flora and fauna. Some of the animals that you can spot while exploring this place are leopards, Asian elephants, and gaur. Don’t forget to visit the scenic watchtower here to witness nature's magnificence.

2. Gorumara National Park
Gorumara National Park is a famous wildlife protected area in Dooars which is just 8 minutes from Lataguri. This national park is known for its large population of endangered one-horned rhinoceros and the green vistas of the surrounding areas. The winter season is the best time to visit this tourist spot since the chances of spotting wildlife are higher at this time. 

There are various watchtowers in Gorumara such as Chapramari, Jatraprasad, and Medla from where you can clearly spot the wildlife animals. The fauna that you can witness in this park are leopards, Indian wolves, Asian elephants, wild boar, and ofcourse Indian rhinoceros. 

3. Murti
Another place that you can visit by staying at one of the best resorts in Lataguri for family is Murti. Murti is mainly a river which flows between the Gorumara and Chapramari forests. The banks of this river are a popular place for picnicking during winters from where you can also witness a picturesque view of the mountain ranges. 

If you’re an adventure enthusiast then you can also try riverside camping under a sky full of stars here. Don’t forget to spend some relaxing time in Murti to attain peace of mind while removing the stress of busy work schedules. 

4. Chalsa
Another tourist spot that you can reach within 40 minutes from Lataguri is Chalsa. Chalsa, often known as the Queen of Dooars, has gained popularity because of its scenic beauty and mesmeric picnic spots. The ride from Lataguri to Chalsa itself is blessed with pictorial views and lush green forest areas. 

This offbeat destination is the base for various wildlife sanctuaries and hence, you have higher chances of spotting some endangered wild animals here. You can also visit the Mangalbari Haat here to buy some fresh food products and other locally produced items while communicating with the local people. 

5. Nature Interpretation Centre 
While staying in Lataguri, your trip will be incomplete if you don’t visit the nature interpretation centre. This tranquil tourist spot is the best place to acquire in-depth information about the diverse flora and fauna of the Gorumara National Park. 

One can also indulge in a serene nature walk through this centre to get some fresh air from the dense forests. If you’re looking for some entertaining experiences during your trip then you must witness the tribal performances here. The cultural programs arranged in the evening are the best experience to enjoy with your friends and family. 

6. Rocky Island 
Another newly found tourist spot that you can easily visit from Lataguri is Rocky Island. This offbeat destination is home to various adventure sports where you can also witness lush green valleys, thick emerald green forests, and meandering river streams. 

You can stay at one of the resorts in Lataguri to plan a comfortable and thrilling sightseeing trip to Rocky Island. During your trip, you can explore the scenic trekking trails or indulge in memorable riverside camping. Some of the other activities that you can try here are angling and rock climbing.

7. Gorubathan 
Lataguri is surrounded by various picnic spots and one of the most beautiful spots is Gorubathan. The Chel and Neora River Valleys here are ideal to spend some quality time with your loved ones. While you’re travelling to Gorubathan from Lataguri, you will also come across various scenic tea gardens. 

Some such tea gardens include Sylee, Ranichera, Fagu, and Rangamati Tea Estate. During your trip, you can also indulge in a thrilling tea tour in one such tea garden. Herein, you also shouldn’t forget to discover the historical ruins of Dalim Fort which also offer an amazing view of the nearby tea gardens, valleys, and mountain ranges. 

8. Malbazar 
Malbazar is a well-known tourist spot near Lataguri that can be reached within 37 minutes. People willing to explore the forested sides of Dooars must visit Malbazar during the trip. From verdant tea gardens to semi-tropical forest areas, your trip to Malbazar will be blessed with captivating views. 

You also get the opportunity to arrange a peaceful picnic here in the Kumai Picnic Spot. Most tourists coming here visit the Lord Hanuman Temple, which is a beautifully architected religious site. If you’re visiting Dooars with your children then don’t forget to visit Mal Park. Your kids can indulge in various fun activities in this park. 

9. Jhalong
If you’re done with exploring Gorubathan and Malbazar then you can carry forward your trip to Jhalong. This tourist spot is just 1 and a half hours from Lataguri which is also near the Indo-Bhutan Border. 

One of the most popular sightseeing locations in Jhalong is the Jhalong Hydroelectricity Project, which also acts as a bridge for people coming from Bhutan. The Jaldhaka Market is an extremely popular tourist site in Jhalong from where you can buy fresh daily requirements and local items. You also shouldn’t miss to try riverside camping and birdwatching during your Jhalong tour. 

10. Bindu
Bindu is a scenic offbeat destination that you can visit from Lataguri. By hiring a car, it will take you around 2 hours to reach Bindu. You can witness the mesmerizing Jaldhaka Dam here which becomes the home for vibrant migratory birds during winter. 

While taking a day tour here, you must explore the landscapes of Dalgaon Village and Dhuley Forest to capture some breathtaking views. The cardamom plantations, orange orchards, and Cardamom curing centre are some of the elements that add a unique charm to this place. If you love tranquil beauty then you can also trek towards Tshi Sang to spot herds of deer and endangered red pandas. 

Adventure Activities You Can Try During The Lataguri Trip 

Lataguri is also a great destination for adventure enthusiasts as one can try a range of thrilling activities. The dense forests, glistering river streams, and rich biodiversity are some of the factors that will make your Lataguri trip more adventurous. Some of the activities that you must try during the trip are- 
  • Elephant back ride 
  • Hiking 
  • Jeep safari 
  • Camping 
  • Birdwatching 
  • Angling 
  • Trekking 
You can make your Dooars trip safe and convenient by booking a room in one of the renowned resorts like ours The Firefly Resort in the Lataguri Region. The tranquil ambiance and picturesque location of this place with all-inclusive amenities offered by the resorts will make your trip unforgettable with innumerable memories during your staycation. 

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