7 Tourist Spots To Visit Near The Best Resort In Lataguri

7 Tourist Spots To Visit Near The Best Resort In Lataguri


Lataguri is a quaint village near the scenic Gorumara National Park which is surrounded by dense Gorumara forests and the glistering Neora River. If you want to escape from the constant hustle and bustle of city life and spend some quality time amidst nature then Lataguri is an ideal location for you. You can also consider pre-booking a room in the best resort in Lataguri to make your vacation safe and convenient. 

Staying in a luxurious room of a resort can offer you an unforgettable vacation experience while enabling you to visit the nearby sightseeing locations effortlessly. The unique location and all-inclusive services are the other advantages of booking a resort where you can witness a magical view of the mountain ranges and lush green forests from the room itself. 

Scenic Tourist Spots That You Must Visit In Dooars From Lataguri 

1. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary 

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is a dense forest area which is separated by the Murti River from Gorumara. This place is popular for its diverse flora and fauna and thrilling forest safari. The best time to visit this wildlife sanctuary is from November to March due to the pleasant weather.  

You can book a jeep safari ride here to witness the endangered animals and exotic avifauna species. You can also hire a tour guide while visiting the watchtowers to attain in-depth information about the location. 

Distance from Lataguri: 35 minutes

2. Jayanti 

One of the most picturesque forest villages that you must visit from Lataguri is Jayanti. This location is surrounded by the Jayanti River, which creates a natural border with the lush green Bhutan Hills. Apart from its natural beauty, this village is also famous for its vibrant ecology. 

To make your Jayanti trip unforgettable, don’t miss indulging in a thrilling trek towards the Jayanti Mahakal Caves. This cave dedicated to Lord Shiva is also famous for a vibrant festival celebrated on every Maha Shivratri. 

Distance from Lataguri: 4 hours

3. Murti 

Another scenic sightseeing location that can easily be explored from Lataguri is the pictorial Murti village. This tourist spot is located on the banks of the Murti River, which is a heaven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts. 

This place is also popular among tourists due to its adventure activities such as bathing in the crystal clear water, picnicking, fishing, and camping. You can stay at the top resort in Lataguri and visit this place to soothe your mind and body in a pristine environment. 

Distance from Lataguri: 22 minutes 

4. Gorumara National Park 

The nearest destination from Lataguri is Gorumara National Park which is a natural splendour blessed with thick forests, a rich ecosystem, and scenic beauty. If you’re visiting this national park then don’t miss to try the exciting jeep safari that takes you to wonderful watchtowers. 

The endangered species that you can spot during the jungle safari are Indian one-horned rhinoceros, leopards, deer, and Indian wolves. You can also witness almost 300 vibrant species of birds here. 

Distance from Lataguri: 9 minutes 

5. Jaldhaka 

Jaldhaka is a serene hamlet in Dooars which is scenically blessed with sparkling river streams, a view of the Himalayan ranges, and pictorial landscapes. Jaldhaka Hydel Project is a famous location in Jaldhaka which is a great place to spot some colourful migratory birds. 

November to January is the best time to visit Jaldhaka because of the pleasant weather and clear views of the Bhutan Hills. It is always recommended to not travel to this place during the rainy season due to the high chances of heavy rainfall. 

Distance from Lataguri: 45 minutes 

6. Malbazar

Another location that you should visit while staying at the best resort in Lataguri is Malbazar. This small town in the Jalpaiguri district is blessed with spectacular tea gardens such as Raja Tea Estate. If you’re visiting Dooars with your kids then you must visit Mal Park which is surrounded by decorative flora, animals, and exciting rides. 

You can also visit the beautifully architected Sri Hanuman Temple here to seek blessings from Lord Hanuman. This is a perfect place in Malbazaar that represents the age-old customs, traditions, and beliefs of the region.

Distance from Lataguri: 38 minutes 

7. Gajoldoba 

Gajoldoba is another major tourist spot in Dooars which is surrounded by Teesta River, Mahananda River, and Himalayan foothills. This place is famous for the Teesta Barrage, the first reservoir in North Bengal made for irrigational purposes. 

It is recommended to visit this location during winter since this is the best time to spot some migratory birds. You can also indulge in a boat safari here to get a panoramic view of the area. 

Distance from Lataguri: 38 minutes 

While staying at our resort in Lataguri you can enjoy a home away from home experience and enjoy the local lifestyle. Along with visiting the nearby sightseeing locations, you can also consider exploring the nature interpretation centre here to learn more about the regional ecosystem and enjoy exciting cultural programs. 

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