Book Your Favorite Resorts To Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of Lataguri

Book Your Favorite Resorts To Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of Lataguri


Traveling is considered one of the best hobbies that have the ability to take you out of your daily routine and give the experience to reset your body and mind. You might not believe that planning a trip can even have a fantastic effect on the body that boosts happiness.

When you travel Jalpaiguri, you meet new people, cultures, experience new things, enjoy nature, and site scenes through adventures, which help to redefine your life. Every year many people come to visit Lataguri and by booking resorts in Lataguri, they simply enjoy the natural beauty of it.

Lataguri is a fantastic tourist spot that is known for its natural beauty and surroundings. Located in Jalpaiguri district, North Bengal the name Lataguri is most popular due to its attraction points. Let’s check out it.

Top Spots To Visit While Landed In Lataguri

Gorumara National Park

The enjoyment of this beautiful scenery will be doubled if you hire a tour guide with a jeep to avoid walking.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary is another spectacular spot in Lataguri that has been painted with Kanchenjunga peak across its backdrop. Every year tourists come to see a wide diversity of animals like elephants, gaur, and leopards in their natural habitat.

Murti River

Located in between Gorumara and Chapramari this place is best experienced at Sunset and also best known for its beauty, tranquil atmosphere, stunning flowing, and quiet woods.

Jayanti Mahakal Caves

The Mahakal Caves are a popular tourist attraction that is located in Jayanti village, along the banks of the Jayanti River. It is also one of the renowned pilgrimage sites. Situated near the Bhutan border, it can be reached via a trek route.

Jaldhaka, Jalbong and Bindu

Nearby Dooars, this place is known for its stunning hills, valleys, and sceneries. If you are an adventure lover then the best time to drive down here is monsoons.

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Buxa Tiger Reserve is a popular tourist spot that is located along the banks of the Jayanti River. With its great diversity of mammals, it is known as the second-highest among all tiger reserves in India.

Buxa Fort

The historic Buxa fort is one of the tourist spots nobody can deny. Located in the Alipurduar district, it is also a part of the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Rover's Point

Rover's Point is known for its significant top-peaks and densely forested valley that soothe your eyes. It is also one of the famous hilltop views in all of Lataguri.

For many creative people traveling Lataguri is like heaven. They believe that creative ideas have come from natural beauties. To enjoy every moment of your life you can simply book Lataguri hotels.

Research shows, that traveling is working like medicine for many people, those who are especially suffering from any mental problems. Intelligent personalities believe that investing to gain an experience long-last memorable journey is much better instead of investing in material things.

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