Boost Your Trip Quality With The Best Resorts In Lataguri

Boost Your Trip Quality With The Best Resorts In Lataguri


North Bengal is blessed with exquisite wildlife diversity. A wildlife sanctuary is where flora and fauna are highly protected against all sorts of disturbances. Here, you experience a wide range of wildlife creatures. Lataguri, Dooars is one of the mainstays of such sanctuaries in India. Plus, sightseeing here is incredibly beautiful to take a sip of it.

While enjoying the core beauty of this settlement, you might need a classic resort. That’s because a comfy stay always doubles your enjoyment. Choosing a location-friendly resort ensures hassle-free traveling. There are top-notch hotels that provide customers with wide-ranging services at affordable prices. Get your best-ever amenities at exotic resorts in Lataguri.

Off To Phenomal Lataguri

Top Tourist Destinations in Dooars Lataguri to Explore

Spending a holiday or one-day trip to an adventurous, at the same time, serene tourist place is an unequalled retreat. The following are some brilliant destinations in Lataguri, Dooars:

Gorumara National Park

A mid-sized park lies in the Dooars region of the east Himalayan foothills is the core attraction of wildlife creatures here. This park was established in the year 1994. One-horned Indian rhinoceros are the main interest here.

To tour this incredible park, you can go for an elephant safari. Jeep safari is also famous in Gorumara. Wide-ranging wild species habitat here – Asian elephants, sloth bear, hog deer, Indian wolves, leopard, barking deer, wild boar. Almost 194 species of birds, 27 species of fish, 7 species of turtles, and 22 species of reptiles reside in this National Park.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Sits closely to Gorumara National Park, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is another home to spectacular wildlife species. This region covers an area of 960 hectares approximately. There are animal and jeep safaris available to let you explore the territory.

Like in Gorumara National Park, here in Chapramari, you can expect to witness – Indian bison, elephants, leopards, spotted deer, wild boars, barking deer, sambar, chital, Indian treepie, scarlet minivet, green magpie, adjutant stork, etc.

Buxa Tiger Reserve

Holding a region of 760 sq km in the northern part of West Bengal, Buxa Tiger Reserve is an ethereal land popular for its Bengal Tiger. In Buxa Tiger Reserve, there dwell – leopard, Asian elephant, wild dogs, guars, hog deer, mongooses, Malayan giant squirrel, Monitor Lizard, wild buffalo, pythons, land tortoise -and other species.

Tourists love to enjoy Buxa Tiger Reserve Safari. At the same time, exploring the sightseeing of this region is equally engaging. Some of the nearby places in Buxa Tiger Reserve – Buxa Fort, Jayanti, Jayanti Mahakal cave – are worthy of attention; very striking.

The River Murti

Touring river Murti is believed to be a must during a Lataguri trip. An awe-inspiring ambiance surrounds the complete area of the Murti River. This river originates in the high mountains near Neora Valley Park that flows down to various tourist spots covering Lataguri.

If we talk of favourite tourist activities, river bathing is one. Due to the deep-water current, it might take enough safety to indulge in such an activity. Other excellent places to visit during your trip must be Chalsa, Samsing, Bindu, Rover’s Point.

Why Choose The Best Resorts In Lataguri Dooars?

Wondering what is so special about resorts in Lataguri? There’s no single aspect to make the wonder but several that turn your stay into an extra special one. From Bonafide hospitality, all-inclusive facilities at hotels to picturesque surroundings play a role in your delightful travel experience.

Luxuriate Your Stay In Exclusive Resorts

Luxuriate Your Stay In Exclusive Resorts

An all-encompassing hotel has comprehensive facilities included. Expect to have – comfy rooms with extensive amenities, all day long free internet, multi-cuisine restaurant, parking area to keep your vehicles safe, a widespread zone for parties, meetings & seminars – and so forth. Talk to your hotelier to book your stay in one of the best Lataguri hotels.

Embrace the greenery and wilderness of Lataguri – one of the trilling tourist destinations in West Bengal. And to relish your days with comfy amazement, book the best hotels ensuring the latest price on exclusive tour packages.

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