Feel The Vibes Of Wilderness By Staying Your Best Resorts

Feel The Vibes Of Wilderness By Staying Your Best Resorts


Lataguri is one of the best tourist attraction points that can be visited throughout the year but it’s best recommended to avoid during the monsoon season as the forest area is closed at that time. It is an erratic village in the Jalpaiguri District of North Bengal that is located at the brink of Gorumara National Park.

Nowadays it has become the tourists’ hub for those who want to explore the wilderness in wildlife sanctuaries. Every year tourists come and stay at resorts in Lataguri that is located in the less crowded area, to explore the wilderness of the wildlife species, and the uncultivated corridor of the dense grassland forests.

Located at the foothills of the stunning Great Himalayas, Gorumara is a precious region that is the hometown of all the species of flora and fauna. This is also a famous spot for photographers and nature lovers to capturing one-horned rhinos, elephants, royal bengal tigers, wild dogs, wild boars, python, cobra, woodpeckers, hornbill, and many other species in their lenses.

While visit Lataguri, don’t forget to keep in your mind these useful tips that might help you throughout your journey.

Do Proper Research

While you make a plan to trip to any place try to do some research about that place. If this place is none other than the dense forests, then don’t forget to research about the wildlife species as well. This will give you an advanced idea about that place while visiting.

Be Patient

Being patient is the key when you are all set to explore wild lives. Many tourists get bored as their expectations are not fulfilled during jungle safari. You have to understand that when you visit a dense forest, you’ll never know whether you’ll see luckily the species you’ve to wish for a very early stage of your journey.

Wear Sober Colors

When exploring jungles don’t go for deep and wild bright colors as it might get disturb the wild animals. Try not to wear especially the bright red color. Wear sober colors that might not be very eye catchy for the wild species. 

Don't Mess The Forest

Many tourists carry packeting foods as they don’t know how long their journey is going to be. This is a good idea no doubt about it but things got worse when the packets or water bottles have been thrown into the jungles.

Carry Light Luggage

While visiting forests, try to take only the necessary things you need and don’t carry heavy unnecessary things. Carry water bottles, with some snacks, a first-aid kit, if you need or medicines if you undergo any medical conditions where medication is necessary, and for explorers, definitely the DSLR and mini tripods.

Maintain Pin-drop Silence

Don’t get excited or shout loudly when you visit any kind of wildlife species first time in your life. In the jungle pin-drop silence is the rule to make your journey fruitful. Awkward attention of the wildlife species no one would expect in their journey at all.

Full loaded attraction points and accommodation facilities make Lataguri becomes an interesting place where tourists never getting feel bored at all. Book your best Lataguri hotels as there are many places to see like Gorumara National Park, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Buxa Forest, Jaldhaka, Bindu, Rovers Point, Murti River, and many others.

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