A Detailed Guide to Gorumara National Park

A Detailed Guide to Gorumara National Park

Dooars is one of the most popular tourist regions in West Bengal, which is surrounded by dense forests, lush green tea gardens, and sparkling river streams. This region is also known for its diverse national parks, where Gorumara National Park is the most scenic one. You can consider staying at The Firefly Resort know as one of the all-inclusive resorts in Lataguri to make your Gorumara trip comfortable and hassle-free.

Gorumara is a scenic area in the foothills of the Himalayas, which was initially a reserved forest and then in the year 1994, it was declared a national park. This park is well-known for the diverse population of one-horned rhinoceros and other wild animals, which is also close to major wildlife hotspots such as Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaldapara National Park.
How To Reach 
By Air: If you’re reaching Bagdogra airport in Siliguri then you can easily hire a private car to reach Gorumara National Park comfortably. The approximate time to reach this wildlife hotspot is around 2 hours via the Gajoldoba road and almost 2 and a half hours via NH10 and NH 17. Bagdogra is the nearest airport from Gorumara which is well-connected with Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and other metropolitan cities. 

By Road: Gorumara National Park is just 72 km from Siliguri where the roads are nicely maintained and in perfect condition. You can easily drive to this area from Siliguri or Jalpaiguri to reach within 2 hours. 

By Rail: If you want to travel to Gorumara by rail route then you can take a train from Kolkata or other cities to NJP railway station in Siliguri. From there you can also take a train to New Maynaguri Station near Jalpaiguri which is the nearest railway station from the national park. 

Travelling to Gorumara by road from Siliguri is the most recommended option since it will be blessed with various scenic stopovers and roads covered with lush green forests.

Best Time To Visit 

You can experience a tropical climate at Gorumara National Park, where humidity increases hugely during the monsoon season. It is essential to select an ideal time to visit the park to enjoy comfortable weather for sightseeing and wildlife exploration. 

Monsoon Season- Monsoon season in Gorumara lasts from June to September. During this season, the region experiences heavy rainfall which makes it extremely difficult to explore the park. Additionally, the park also remains closed during this season considering the rare wildlife sightseeing and safety.

Post-Monsoon Season- The post-monsoon season here starts in October and can be a nice time to visit the park due to the pleasant weather. However, due to the holidays and occasions, the park can be quite crowded which can make it difficult to enjoy a comfortable wildlife safari. 

Winter Season- The best time to visit Gorumara National Park is during the winter season, which lasts from November to February. The dry and pleasant weather makes it a perfect time for wildlife sightings. You can enjoy some memorable nature walks and safari experiences during this time.

Flora and Fauna 

Gorumara National Park is well-known for its rich flora and fauna. This is also the main reason behind the large population of wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers visiting the park. 

Flora: The diverse flora is an integral part of the natural ecosystem of the park which also plays a huge role in maintaining the well-being and health of the forest. The flora of Gorumara is blessed with a variety of plant species including climbers, trees, grasses, herbs, and shrubs. Some of the beautiful species that you can spot here are Sal, teak, elephant apple, and vibrant wildflowers. Citronella is a unique grass species found in this park which spreads a citrusy and fruity smell into the air. 

Fauna: Gorumara is blessed with various endangered and exotic species, which is a perfect place is Dooars to spot some rare Indian one-horned rhinoceros. The other animals that you can witness during the safari are the royal Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, Indian bison, Indian wild dog, leopard, and sambar deer. Apart from these wild animals, this park is also famous for its rich avifauna species, where you can spot more than 300 species of it.
Scenic Watchtowers To Explore
The Watchtower's visit to spot the diverse wildlife and attain stunning views is the most interesting activity of Gorumara National Park. There are various scenic watchtowers around the park which are unique in their own way. 

Explore the beautiful watchtowers of Gorumara- 
Rhino Observation Tower- This watchtower situated near the forest bungalow is the best spot to get glimpses of popular one-horned rhinoceros. There is a salt reservoir near this tower where many wild animals come to drink water. 

Jatraprasad Watchtower- The name of this watchtower resembles the name of the popular elephant Jatraprasad which used to live here. This two-tier tower is one of the most famous spots to get a clear view of the rivulets, forest wilderness, and wild lives. 

Chukchuki Watchtower- If you love birdwatching then you must consider visiting the Chukchuki Watchtower in Gorumara. This tower is also known as the birdwatcher's paradise due to the huge population of vibrant migratory birds. 

Chandrachur Watchtower- Chandrachur or Khunia Watchtower was built by the forest department to spot Indian bison and wild elephants. From this place, you can also get a picturesque view of the entire park. 
Medhla Watchtower- This is a newly-built watchtower in Gorumara which is built near Murti River. Apart from spotting wild animals, you can also witness a breathtaking view of Mount Kanchenjunga from this place on clear days. 

Safari Timings 

Gorumara is surrounded by various unique safari routes such as Medla, Jatraprasad, Lataguri, and Chapramari route. You can either book a thrilling elephant ride or wildlife safari to explore the premises of this park.

Elephant Safari- The elephant ride in Gorumara is arranged in a limited number with three slots. There are two slots in the morning and one in the evening that take you through the dense areas of the forest. The total cost for the elephant ride may cost you around Rs. 1000 per person.

Jeep Safari- Jeep safari is another popular way to explore Gorumara which is conducted in four slots. The overall jeep safari cost can be around INR 2200 which can accommodate 6 tourists. The jeep safari timing here starts from 6:30 am and continues till 5:00 pm. Apart from the cost of a jeep and tour guide, you also have to pay additional Rs. 120-150 approx. to enter the watchtowers.

Things To Do

Birdwatching- You must not forget to carry your binoculars and cameras while visiting Gorumara since it is considered a haven for birdwatchers. Some of the colourful species that you can spot here are Brahminy ducks, paradise flycatchers, and Indian hornbill. 

Jungle Safari- Every wildlife enthusiast dreams of a tranquil jungle safari and Gorumara National Park enables you to enjoy this experience. Here you can indulge in an adventurous jeep and elephant safari to spot the endangered wildlife in their natural habitat.

Sightseeing- Apart from jungle safari, you can also indulge in sightseeing tours while staying at one of the resorts in Lataguri like The Firefly Resorts. Gorumara National Park is surrounded by various popular tourist spots, which are perfect to spend some relaxing time with your loved ones. Some such places that you can visit are Murti, Chalsa, Bindu, Jayanti Mahakal Caves, and Samsing. 

Trekking- The scenic forest trails near Gorumara make it a perfect spot to arrange a thrilling trek. One such trail is towards Budhuram Forest Village, which is a beautiful tribal village with unspoiled natural beauty. You can witness exciting tribal dances here while enjoying a camping experience under the sky full of sparkling stars. 

Nearby Places To Visit 

Jhalong- If you love staying amidst nature then you must visit Jhalong from Gorumara, which will only take you 1 and a half hours. This location is famous for its scenic beauty and the famous Hydel Power Project on the Jaldhaka River. This is also a popular picnic spot which stays packed during the winter season.
Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary- Another major wildlife hotspot that can be reached within half an hour from Gorumara is Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Just like Gorumara, this is also a popular location for wildlife spotting and exploration of the dense forest areas.

Murti- One of the nearest sightseeing locations from Gorumara is Murti which is just 15-20 minutes away. The mesmerizing beauty, scenic landscapes, and crystal clear river streams make this a favourite destination in North Bengal. 

Chalsa- The verdant forests and lush green tea gardens make Chalsa a great destination to visit from Gorumara. The road trip towards this location is blessed with flowering trees and semi-tropical forests that make the road trip extremely special and unforgettable. 

Jayanti- If you love exploring offbeat locations then you can arrange an exhilarating trek to the Jayanti Mahakal Caves. This quint cave dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated in a scenic forest village surrounded by breathtaking views and rich wildlife.

You can make your trip to Gorumara National Park comfortable and memorable if you choose to stay at our resort known as one of the best resorts in Lataguri. Staying at our resort will enable you to enjoy nature and discover all the forest trails to make the vacation with your loved ones memorable. 

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