Lataguri Wildlife Places – An Exotic Exploration Awaits

Lataguri Wildlife Places – An Exotic Exploration Awaits


Encompassed by lush vegetation and a great variety of fauna, the census town of Lataguri is settled in the region of Dooars. The population of One-horned Indian Rhinoceros found in the protected terrain there fascinates visitors. Jungle safari, watchtower visits, bird watching, nature walks, camping, picnics, etc. are popular outdoor activities in Lataguri on holidays.

In the region of Dooars Lataguri, there’s a wide range of accommodations near tourist attractions or privileged locations. Find the best homestay in Dooars Lataguri, resorts, and hotels available at different prices. Dooars and Lataguri have always been noted for nature retreats that you can enjoy with your family, beloved, friends, or solo.

When it comes to wildlife explorations in Lataguri, the two major wildlife destinations in this census settlement are a must-visit, including:

Gorumara National Park

Gorumara National Park is the star attraction in Lataguri and is a major wildlife hotspot in Dooars India. It snuggly lies on the outskirts of Lataguri on National Highway No. 31, praised for its population of one-horned Rhinoceros. Avail of top hotels, homestays in Dooars Lataguri.

Wildlife Habitats: One-horned Indian Rhinoceros, Asian elephants, leopards, Barking deer, Indian Chital, sambar deer, hog deer, sloth bears, wild boars, wolves, Indian bison, etc. are some popular wildlife habitats here.

Birds, and other species: Scarlet Minivet, Asian Paradise Flycatchers, Sunbirds, Great Indian Hornbill, peafowls, Great Spangled Drongo, Ashy Wood swallow, Ashy Drongo, woodpeckers, pheasants, etc. Pythons, King Cobra, reptiles, fish, etc.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

Established in the year 1998, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is basically a part of Gorumara National Park, which takes about 20 min to reach from Gorumara and about 30 km from Chalsa. While Gorumara is a mid-sized park, Chapramari forest is a small forested region, easy to access via Lataguri, Chalsa, and Murti Village. Find the best homestay in Dooars Lataguri at an affordable price range.

A dry forest full of Sal, Shishu, Teak, Siris, and varieties of orchids like Dendrobium, Gas trochilus, Eria, Acampo, Luisia, Oberonia, etc. are the vegetation of Chapramari forest. The Forest Department administers jungle safaris and watchtower visits for both the Gorumara and Chapramari forests. You can book a forest bungalow in Dooars at cost-effective prices to turn your Dooars Lataguri forest stay extra special.

Wildlife Animals: Leopards, elephants, chital, pangolins, Indian rhinoceros (rare), deer, boar, gaur.

Birds: Mayna, thrush, Indian treepie, scarlet minivet, white-breasted kingfisher, adjutant stork, green magpie, and some migratory birds like teals, Brahmini ducks.

On your Lataguri Dooars holiday, you can visit further attractions like Samsing, Rocky Island, Bindu, Buxa, Raimatang, and Jayanti. You’ll find some quality accommodations near places like Samsing, and enjoy your stay at a quality homestay, resort, or hotel property. Car hire assistance you can take from your hotelier or homestay owner as an exclusionary service for sightseeing tours to make your venture promising. 

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