How to Choose the Right Resort in Lataguri: 7 Key Factors

How to Choose the Right Resort in Lataguri: 7 Key Factors

Lataguri is a scenic settlement in Dooars situated outside the diverse Gorumara National Park. This tourist destination is not only the main entry point towards various wildlife hotspots but it is also one of the best places to stay in Dooars. Starting from tranquil ambiance and scenic views to a rich biodiversity, you can make your Dooars trip unforgettable by arranging a tour to Lataguri. You can pre-book a room in a reputed resort in Lataguri to avoid any last-minute availability issues.

Arranging a vacation in Lataguri can help you take the required break from the busy lifestyle while connecting with nature. To make your planned trip more comfortable and hassle-free, the first thing that you must consider is to select the best accommodation option. If you want a home away from home experience during the Lataguri trip then booking a resort with all-inclusive amenities can be the ideal option. 

Benefits of Staying in a Resort During Your Lataguri Trip 

Most people opt to stay in hotels during their vacation. However, if you want to do something new and stay amidst nature then don’t hesitate to choose a resort as your ultimate accommodation. Lataguri has various budget hotels that are surrounded by dense forests and scenic views of the mountain ranges. Some of the common benefits you can enjoy by staying at a resort area- 
  • All-inclusive facilities with 24/7 room service, poolside fun, food options, and warm hospitality from experienced staff. 
  • A one-of-a-kind experience with unparalleled comfort, adventure, and fun with your friends and family. 
  • Excursion options to the nearby tourist locations with authentic car rental assistance. 
  • Improved cultural immersion as you can communicate with the local people and understand their authentic traditions and culture. 
  • Diverse room options so that you can select one based on your comfort, convenience, and budget.

Important Factors To Select The Best Resort in Lataguri  

1. Available Amenities 
The first thing that you must consider while booking a resort is the available facilities. While you’re getting ready for the forest trip in Lataguri, the amenities offered by the resort can make your holiday more comfortable. You should always make sure that the necessary amenities are intact in the facility that ensures you a luxurious stay. The Firefly Resort in Lataguri is considered one of the best places to enjoy a perfect staycation which also provides a wide range of facilities. Some important facilities to check in the resort include- 
Parking services for a tension-free experience 
  • Free internet for uninterrupted social connection 
  • Laundry with top-notch hygiene standards 
  • Luxurious room with in-room services such as high-quality furnishing, attached bathroom, LED TV, air conditioning, and running water 
  • In-house restaurant to cater to all your food cravings during the stay 
  • Spacious conference hall if you want to arrange a meeting, occasion, or seminar during the trip 
  • 24/7 room service to ensure your comfort always 
2. Location 
A primary factor that you must consider while selecting the resort is the location. If you’re someone who wants to stay near a marketplace then you can book the resort near the Lataguri Bazaar. However, it is always recommended to select the resort as an offbeat destination for a memorable stay experience. 

Herein, you should make sure that the resort is in a convenient location from where you can explore the main tourist attractions of Dooars. From the resort, you should be able to easily travel to the nearby locations while enjoying the natural beauty and lush greenery of Dooars. By choosing the best resort in Lataguri, you can explore- 
  • Murti- A tranquil place on the banks of Murti River which is perfect for spending quality time with loved ones while enjoying picnicking, fishing, and swimming. 
  • Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary- A popular wildlife hotspot of Dooars known for its diverse flora and fauna. 
  • Gorumara National Park- The most famous wildlife hotspot where you can indulge in a thrilling elephant back ride and jeep safari to spot endangered animals. 
  • Chalsa- A small yet charming town near Lataguri known for the breathtaking views of forests, lush green tea gardens, and hills.
3. Room Options
While selecting a resort for your Lataguri vacation, you must check the available room categories. Different guests have different room preferences and they often select one based on their budget, comfort, and needs. Herein, the resort must have a wide variety of options so that you can select one among them. 

You must know that choosing an affordable room during the holiday can make your trip quite budget-friendly. On the other hand, while selecting the room, you must look for the available facilities and views to get from the windows for a cherishing experience. Some of the room options you can get at the resort are- 
  • Double Bed Deluxe AC: For a perfect stay solution, you can consider staying in the double deluxe room where you can get a king-size bed for quality sleep. The other facilities you get in this room are laundry service, LED TV, toiletries, AC, and Wi-Fi. 
  • Quad Bed Deluxe AC: This is the best room to enjoy some captivating views of the woodlands. Starting from a king-size bed and safety locker to a geyser and room service, you can do everything by reserving this room.
4. Dining Opportunities 
You should never compromise on food whether you’re staying in a hotel or resort. Here we come to another pivotal factor to consider before booking the resort which is dining opportunities. The resort in Lataguri must have an in-house restaurant that must cater to various veg and non-veg dishes to satisfy the taste buds and food preferences of every tourist. 

Herein, the resort must be serving food in a hygienic manner while considering all the health and quality standards. Some of the dishes that you must consider trying in the in-house restaurant at Lataguri are bamboo shoot curries, momos, Bengali foods, fish dishes, and sweets. Don’t forget to indulge in the local food to ensure an in-depth cultural immersion.

5. Online Rating 
Before you select the resort for your Lataguri vacation, you must look for the ratings and reviews from previous customers. This is the most preferred option to check the condition and hospitality services available on the property. Herein, you must look for honest client reviews on online platforms or official websites to see their authentic reaction about the resort. 

This will also help you in getting real images of the room, which will further assist you in reserving the right room. You should know that it is always a better idea to book a resort with a high number of positive reviews and ratings. Some of the common platforms which you can rely upon to evaluate the reviews are-
  • Facebook 
  • Google my business 
  • Tripadvisor 
  • Google reviews 
You must know that exploring various third-party websites will also help you discover various top-notch resort options in Lataguri at affordable rates. If you’re planning your Dooars trip then explore the guest reviews now to get the best options and amazing deals. 

6. Safety And Security 
Maximizing safety and security during the Lataguri trip is the key to ensuring a memorable vacation. This is why before reserving a room in the resort you must know about the security standards followed by them. Herein, you should check whether the resort has applied 24/7 security service or not to ensure safe accommodation options for the guests. Some of the most important security standards that the resort must follow are- 
  • CCTV surveillance- You must look for CCTV surveillance cameras in the resort to alleviate the risks of any illegal activities during your staycation. Herein, all the public and common areas should be threat-free so that the guests can roam freely. 
  • Proper lighting- All the isolated areas of the resort must have proper lighting so that the chances of criminal activities can be reduced. Along with the rooms, the parking areas, lobbies, and hallway must also have proper lighting. 
  • Control access- The resort must have digital key cards to minimize the chances of theft by breaking into the room. Herein, the resort must also have access control to stop any strangers from entering the property. 
  • Monitoring of resort premises- The resort premises should always be monitored by the security personnel to suspect any illegal activity
7. Budget 
Another pivotal consideration to know about while booking the resort room is budget. Every guest has budget preferences and the resort must be able to satisfy all the budget categories. If you’re looking for a luxurious hotel at a reasonable rate then try to book in advance when the resort offers good discounts. 

It is also recommended to avoid traveling during peak seasons as it can lead to sudden hikes in resort prices due to high demand. Herein, you must always note that you should never compromise the facilities to select an affordable budget. The resort must be able to offer you spacious rooms, and all-inclusive facilities at a budget-friendly rate. 

Choosing the right resort in Lataguri amidst the wilderness is essential to make the most of your Dooars holiday. You must be able to enjoy a memorable staycation in the resort while cherishing the beauty of Lataguri and enjoying the world-class facilities. 

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