Top 7 Activities To Do While Staying At The Best Resort In Chalsa

Top 7 Activities To Do While Staying At The Best Resort In Chalsa


Chalsa is a small and peaceful town in the Dooars region which is also known as the Queen of Dooars. Apart from being a common stopover during the Dooars tour, this place is also famous for its rich biodiversity, tea gardens, and scenic beauty. If you're seeking tranquility surrounded by nature's beauty and stunning vistas, consider booking Chalsa's premier resort

To select the best resort, you can take the help of online reviews and ratings from recent guests. After pre-booking a luxurious and spacious all-inclusive resort, you can hire a car to reach Chalsa within 2 hours. This road journey will be packed with scenic stopovers, dense forest areas, and amazing views. 

Try these exciting activities in Chalsa to make your Dooars trip remarkable

1. Explore the wildlife hotspots 

The first activity that you must try while staying in Chalsa is to explore the nearby wildlife hotspots such as Gorumara National Park, Jaldapara National Park, and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Gorumara and Chapramari are the nearest locations from here which can be reached within half an hour. 

These places can be considered a paradise for wildlife and nature enthusiasts since it is blessed with endangered flora and fauna species. You can visit the watchtowers in the wildlife locations to witness the wild animals in their natural habitat. 

2. Visit the nearby offbeat locations 

Chalsa is situated in the western region of Dooars and this location is surrounded by unspoiled and offbeat tourist attractions. Bindu and Jaldhaka are the most beautiful attractions that can offer you a scenic view of the Bhutan hills, cardamom plantations, and crystal-clear river streams. 

Some of the other places that you can visit from Chalsa are Murti, Samsing, and Lataguri. The unique location of Chalsa makes it extremely easy to visit most of the popular attractions of Dooars and protected forest areas. 

3. Arrange a tranquil picnic 

If you’re visiting Chalsa during the winter months then you must arrange a tranquil picnic with your friends and family. Chalsa Picnic Spot is a great location to soothe your mind and body with a pictorial view of the nearby mountain ranges. 

You can also visit the Murti, Laliguras, Neora River, and Kumai Murti picnic spots near Chalsa to attain an amazing picnicking experience on the banks of sparkling river streams surrounded by lush greenery. Tourists who love photography can also click on some amazing nature portraits during the picnic.

4. Indulge in a jungle safari 

The most recommended activity that everyone must try while staying at The Firefly Resort which is known as one of the best resorts in Chalsa Lataguri is jungle safari. The nearby wildlife areas such as Chapramari and Gorumara are the ideal locations where you can indulge in both elephant and jeep safari. 

During these safaris, you will be taken to the watchtowers from where you can spot some amazing wild animals and click pictures of vibrant bird species. Some of the animals that you can see on the safari are Asiatic elephants, Indian one-horned rhinoceros, Indian wolves, and deer. 

5. Spot some rare avifauna species 

Chalsa is not only a haven for wildlife enthusiasts but it is also visited by a large number of bird-watchers every year. The best birding point near Chalsa is the Chukchuki Watchtower inside Gorumara National Park. This watchtower can be easily reached by arranging an elephant or gypsy safari from the entry point. 

This spot is not only surrounded by local birds but during winter, various migratory birds also visit this location. Some of the colourful birds that you can spot from this watchtower are the Asian paradise suncatcher, Indian hornbill, spangled drongo, and peacocks.

6. Plan a romantic drive to the forest areas 

Chalsa is surrounded by rolling and verdant forest areas with riverine grasslands, blooming flowers, and tall trees. If you’re searching for a tranquil escape from the busy schedule then you can take a car and get lost in the serene forest areas near Chalsa. 

There are various scenic trails in Chalsa which creates a perfect ambiance for a romantic long drive with your loved ones. However, you must always remember to avoid going into the dense areas of the forests due to the presence of wild animals. 

7. Try adventure sports  

Chalsa is also surrounded by locations that are perfect for adventure sports. Apart from wildlife exploration and birdwatching, you can also visit Jhalong to attain an exhilarating experience of camping amidst nature with a sky full of stars. 

The Bania River near the Chilapata forest is also a great location for those who want to try boating. There are also various trekking trails around Chalsa which you can explore to witness some amazing views. 

Pre-booking with The Firefly resort in Chalsa will also enable you to choose an ideal room for staying at discounted rates. The all-inclusive services, travel assistance, and dining options will take your vacation experience to the next-level where you don’t have to compromise your convenience, comfort, or safety. 

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