Witness The Stunning Wildlife In Lataguri

Witness The Stunning Wildlife In Lataguri


Are you fed up with day-to-day activities? Nature stores healing for you. Brimming with lush greenery, a misty climate, and wildlife ardour, Lataguri is a place for relaxation, fun, and thrills. Tucked into Dooars’ heart, Lataguri is an ideal destination for honeymoons, family trips, solo trips, and holidays with friends.

The star attraction in this census town is its wildlife diversity, involving two iconic locations: Gorumara National Park and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary. Find quality accommodations near these forested regions to feel the adventure. Check into one of the best Lataguri hotels and turn your stay fulfilling and cozy.

Let’s dive into the splendor of two wildlife hotspots in Lataguri:

Gorumara National Park

The driving distance from Lataguri to Gorumara is about 4 km. It’s a census town in Malbazar Subdivision and Gorumara sits on the periphery of this census town on NH 31.

The population of the one-horned Rhinoceros is one of the primary attractions for this national park, established in 1992. It’s a mid-sized grassland forested region surrounded by semi-evergreen forests, moist deciduous and dry deciduous forests, and savannah forests.

Wildlife Habitats: One-horned Indian Rhinoceros, Leopards, wolves, Indian bison, Barking deer, Indian Chital, Asian elephants, wild boars, sambar deer, hog deer, sloth bears, etc.

Great Indian Hornbill, Scarlet Minivet, peafowls, Ashy Wood swallow, Great Spangled Drongo, Sunbirds Ashy Drongo, Asian Paradise Flycatchers, woodpeckers, pheasants, etc. reptiles, fish, Pythons, King Cobra, etc.

Outdoor Activities: Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Watchtower Visits.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

It was established in 1998. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is nearly 20-30 min away from Gorumara, considered a part of Gorumara National Park. It’s a small forested territory, accessible via Lataguri and Murti Village. Chalsa and Chapramari are 30 km apart. Get quality accommodations there. Find the best Lataguri hotels near the Chapramari region at budget-friendly prices.

Chapramari’s vegetation comprises a dry forest full of Sal, Shishu, Teak, Siris, and orchids like Acampo, Dendrobium, Gas trochilus, Luisia, Eria. You can plan a 3-day Lataguri holiday. Avail of a professionally curated tour plan for all-inclusive support that runs 24*7 on your trip. Enjoy outdoor sightseeing and outdoor recreation to the hilt, like birdwatching, camping, trekking, bonfires, safaris.

Wildlife Habitats: Leopards, chital, deer, boar, gaur, pangolins, Indian rhinoceros (rare). elephants, Mayna, Indian treepie, white-breasted kingfisher, adjutant stork, green magpie, thrush, scarlet minivet, and some migratory birds like teals, Brahmini ducks.

Outdoor Activities: Bird Watching, Jungle Safari, and Watchtower Visits.

Wildlife destinations in Dooars include Jaldapara National Park, Buxa Tiger Reserve/Buxa National Park, Chilapata Forest, etc. Besides wildlife tours, in Dooars Lataguri, you can explore incredibly lovely locations like Samsing, Buxa Fort, Raimatang, Rovers Point, Jayanti, Rocky Island, Mahakal. Book accommodations like low-cost hotels, 3-star hotels in Lataguri near these places at reasonable price rates. 

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